Clear Vision will provide leadership, tools and processes to help you and your church address:

  1. Staff “right fit” and effectiveness.  This involves an assessment process that is very encouraging and winsome.  (See reference letters under “About Us”)
  2. Issues that are currently creating significant challenges for you.  This may include managing change, worship style issues, staffing issues or facing and dealing with a silo mentality among your team.
  3. Strategic ministry planning for the future.  We have a very clear and winsome approach to strategic ministry planning that involves broad ownership and clear outcomes.
  4. How to open the door in a positive way for the emerging generation to be reached in effective, relevant and yet doctrinally pure ways.
  5. Leadership succession planning.  Perhaps your church has a founding or long-term Pastor who will be leaving in the near future.  How will you go about making that a smooth transition to the next senior leader?  We can help with that process.

It is our approach to join you in the journey and walk with you through these kinds of changes.  We do not come in and do a pre-set, “canned” teaching/presentation and then leave you to work the plan out on your own.  We would desire to walk with you through the journey.  Each church is treated with a unique and custom approach.  We do not approach these issues with a “cookie cutter” mentality.  Please give us a call at 616-218-7416 or contact us by e-mail at